Renee’s Cross-Country Threesome (part 2)

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 3.08.12 PM

After that double fucking I’d received, we’d fallen asleep, and I was completely out. So out, I didn’t know what time I nodded off, or who was on either side of me. I figured my husband, Max, was spooning me from behind, and Cody was in front of me, on his stomach. But I couldn’t tell. And frankly, it wasn’t important. I was in a man sandwich, and couldn’t have been happier.

But then, around four AM I think, Max woke me up. By rubbing his hard cock against me from behind. But I wanted to be sure without waking up Cody, so I reached back, and wrapped a hand around his dick.

Yep. Definitely Max! It was pitch black, but I know his meat anywhere. So I whispered, “Hey…”

He nuzzled the back of my neck, then gently kissed around my shoulders and nibbled my ear. He whispered in a horse voice, “Hey…”

I smiled. And quietly, so as not to wake up Cody, said, “Do you want your present now?”

There was silence. And I kept pumping Max’s cock.

“You remember?” I said. “You can do anything to me… Anything?”

Max was quiet. But definitely excited. “Yeah.”

“Ok,” I whispered. “There’s lube in my bag. But don’t wake Cody, I only want you in my ass.”

Max got up, and quietly rooted around the room. Then there was a zip. And he crept back into bed.

Seconds later the lubed up tip of his dick pressed beneath my asshole.

I whispered, “Higher.”

He shifted.

“No,” I said. “Lower. A little lower. There. You got it.”

Max prodded forward. And his hard dick spread my tiny ass apart.

“Ow!” I hissed. “Go slow!”

The only response I got was Max grabbing my ass, holding me down. And sliding another inch in.

Quietly as I could, I said, “Slower! You’ll wake Cody!”

Max slid his hand under my head. Reached around, and cupped a massive tit. Then, he reached over my body, under my other arm, and grabbed the other. And began squeezing them.

“Mmm,” I purred. “I love that.”

“And this?” Max whispered as another inch of man slid through my asshole. Then it pulled out. Then back in. Then out, and in.

The ridge of that cock was so exquisite! It perfectly tickled the nerves in my tight, tiny ass.

But I had to be quiet. I didn’t want to wake the stranger in bed while my husband fucked my ass. I only had enough energy in me for a bit more. And Max had been so sweet to pick up Cody, and let me fuck him, I couldn’t say no. So I rotated my hips some. And pushed back.

Another inch of cock parted me. It was like being sawed in half from the inside.

“Fuck!” I whispered. “You’re thick as hell!”

The twin hands continued to kneed my tits. They were pawing at them mercilessly. And that cock pushed in further. All eight inches of Max were inside me now. Normally I could handle him easy, but, “You feel like a truck,” I said. “And you’re never this hard.”

The beast in my asshole pulled out, and pressed back in.

“It’s because you’re so tight.” Max said. “And beautiful.”

The pain was amazing.

“Really?” I said.

Max buried himself in me again, pushing my ass to maximum capacity.

“Of course,” Max said.

“You still think I’m beautiful?”

“You’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.”

My heart melted. My ass though? It was screaming. But here’s the thing: I was building to a quick climax. Which was strange. I’d never cummed from anal alone, but something about Max’s cock was driving me insane!

I looked over at Cody a few feet away. I couldn’t see his face. But he was staring away form me. All I got was his outline. And he was slumbering peacefully.

So I said to Max, “Tell me about the first time you saw me.”

There was another thrust. His powerful cock drove into me. And through me. While both hands mauled my tits while laying nibbles and bites on the back of my neck.

“Fuck, don’t stop!” I whispered. “And tell me, tell me the story.”

“Ok, but first…” Without pulling out of my ass, Max slipped his top leg between both of mine, then pushed me over. I willingly rolled to my stomach.

Behind me, Max shoved my face into the pillow as he slid both knees between my legs, and pushed them apart. Then he sunk his cock down like he was setting a spike.

“Shit…” I hissed into the soft cotton as a little pain, with a whole lot of pleasure, shot through me. “Fuck. Oh God… Don’t stop.”

Max pulled out slowly. And sank back in slowly. Again and again. Over and over. He pulled out. Then pushed back in. Out. And in. Out to the tip of his cock. Then in, with one smooth motion, he buried himself as far as he could go.

But it wasn’t deep enough for him. The round, soft ass cheeks were buffering his hips, and offering my tiny hole some protection. So Max let go of my tits, pushed both cheeks aside, then dropped all the way in.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…” I practically yelled into the pillow. “Fuck, too deep. Too deep. Too deep.”

But if Max heard, he didn’t care. Instead, he pulled his dick out, then buried it all the way in. I could feel him in my throat.

I lifted my face up, and turned away from Cody so he wouldn’t hear me. “You’re in too deep.”

Max pulled out. Then rammed all the way in, again!

“What?” he said.

“You’re in too deep,” I whispered. “Too deep. Too thick. Too hard.”

Max pulled out. He stopped at the top of his stroke. Then pounded into me as hard as he could.

My ass screamed as the whole bed shook.

I grit my teeth, arched up, and froze. Then looked over at Cody. He didn’t stir, thank God.

“Too much,” I said. “And if you do that again I’m calling this. I don’t care about the debt.”

“Ok.” Max let go of my ass. And slid his hands beneath me, taking another two handfuls of tit. “Sorry,”

I laid down. “It’s ok.”

Max started moving again, only now it was with shallow, slow thrusts. And they felt amazing! Each new stroke delivered so much pleasure. Plus, he was getting the angle perfect. And while the physical part was great, my emotional pleasure was off the charts. I’d never been fucked in the ass by anybody but my husband. Ever. And I always felt close to him when he did it. Open completely. And with the fear of getting caught by Cody, I was enjoying this time more than any other. Suddenly, I wanted his voice in my ears, like his dick was in my asshole. “Tell me. How did you feel when we first met?”

Max bent down. And whispered in my ear. “You were wearing this amazing dress…”

“Keep going…” My hips rotated faster.

He pulled out again slow. And drove back in, filling me with warmth. “And your hair was so thick, the way it blew around your shoulders…”

“Oh God. Yes. Don’t stop.” I was so close!

“I wanted to fuck you right there…”

I clenched my eyes shut tight. Rotated again. And came like a bomb! My ass was throbbing, and my pussy practically drooled wetness down my leg as Max’s cock filled me like never before. I squeaked. “Yes…”

“But I couldn’t,” my husband said as he drove into me again. “Because your husband was in the car…”

My orgasm slowed. But that cock felt so- Wait. What!

I froze. My heart nearly stopped. I looked over my shoulder. “Cody?”

There was a quiet chuckled. Then, “Yeah…”

Oh my God! What had I done? I never would’ve let this kid fuck my ass! No wonder that dick felt different. But this… It was… I’d just… “Fuck, you prick! Do you know what we just did?”

Cody grabbed a handful of my hair, and pulled me back to him. “Yeah. And don’t pretend like you didn’t love it.”

I froze there. With his cock in my ass. “That’s not the point.”

“What is the point then? I’ve cum in every one of your holes tonight. You offered me the last one. And you fucking loved it.” He jerked my head further back. “Just admit it.”

I couldn’t see his face. Only it’s outline. But he was right. “I loved it. I loved you fucking my ass. But still…”

There was that soft chuckle again. “Good, cause I’m not done.”

“No,” I said. “You’ll wake Max.”


“So, no man but he’s ever fucked my ass, if he finds out it’ll break his heart.”

“Really?” Cody slid one leg out of bed. And pulled me to the edge. My feet slipped off, and onto the floor. Then he pressed me down until I was on my knees. “Then you better not make a sound.”

Cody pushed my ass cheeks apart like he’d done before, exposing my asshole entirely.

I whispered, “What are you-”

“This,” Cody said, and pounded into me.

I bit down on the edge of the bed to keep from screaming.

Cody grabbed my hips, and thrust in again. Then he slid out. I felt every inch, and I mean every inch! With my ass pulled apart he had total access in a way that Max never had. And he used it. He was like an oilrig, plunging in and out. From tip to base.

I bit down harder on the mattress. My eyes watered, and a tear or two ran down my face. The feeling was too intense.

Then Cody leaned in, and whispered, “Do you want me to stop?”

I looked back. I could just make out Cody’s smile. So I nodded.

“Ok. Then let’s wake up Max,” he said. “I want to come clean.”

I shook my head vigorously.

“It’s either that, or I cum in your ass. Which is it?”

I said, “Cum in my ass…”

“What was that?” He leaned in closer to my mouth.

“Please cum in my ass.”

“Ok… because you asked so nicely.” With his left hand Cody clamped around my mouth. Then, with his right, he reached around and played with my clit.

My eyes got huge. It was the greatest sexual feeling I’d ever had! Electricity was running up and down my spine. I wanted to scream. But Cody’s hand was clamped on my mouth so tight. I was breathing through my nose like mad. Meanwhile, Cody was deep in my ass. And his fingers danced across my pussy.

In and out his meat went. His fingers, back and forth. It was pain and pleasure all at once. Intense, waves racked my body. Guilt, too. I’d never felt this way before. Not even with Max. And yet Cody, this stranger, was forcing himself in the most intimate area with my husband a few feet away. And it was so. Fucking. Incredible.

Another orgasm was building up.

Then Cody slipped a finger into my pussy while he played with my clit.

My hips started bucking. But there was more. As he fucked both my holes Cody pushed a finger into my mouth. It was thick, and salty. I sucked on it. Then I gagged. But Cody just jammed it in deeper. With it, he fucked my mouth. As he fingered my pussy. And crammed his cock up my ass.

He was working all three holes… I’d never been plugged air tight by a single man before…

And as my head bobbed up and down, I was rotating my hips.

Cody started breathing harder. Faster. Deeper. And he began to fuck my ass harder. Faster. Deeper.

It was like it was on fire. But I wanted more. So with both my hands, I reached back. And slowly, gingerly, I pulled each cheek apart. I wanted Cody in deeper. Needed Cody in deeper. I needed more cock in my ass. I needed it all the way in.

And that young man obliged.

He fucked every hole of mine with vigor. In and out his finger fucked my mouth like a cock. Another digit worked my pussy. And that thick, hard cock pumped my ass. Each one… in and out. Fast. Fierce. In and out. Deeper. And deeper.

Until I exploded. My body shook as the orgasm rocked my body. It sent spasms through me. And I could barely hold myself on all fours. I stopped sucking. But Cody kept fingering my face. And my pussy. But then, as the final shockwave abated, Cody slipped his fingers from my wetness, and grabbed my ass. Then he jammed all the way in. Froze. And emptied inside of my tight, tiny asshole. It was like warm waves of wet inside me. Deep inside me. Deeper than cum had ever been.

I collapsed with my head on the mattress. And realized… I’d forgotten entirely about my husband, Max!

I looked over in terror.

But my husband was sound asleep, blessedly oblivious to my orgasmic frenzy, and just how instantly his true love’s ass had been fucked.

I looked back at Cody. My invader was on his knees, looking shocked. That magic cock of his was already getting slack. So I slunk into bed, got under the sheet, and lay still.

Cody got in behind me.

I was equally excited, but repulsed by him, and what we’d just done.

He must’ve known, because he leaned in and whispered, “I’m sorry. I just… when you offered I thought you knew. When I realized you didn’t, I was already… it was too late to stop.”

I looked over at him. “Forget about it.”

He slid a hand across my stomach. “No. Not unless we do that one more time.”

“I’m tired, Cody. I’m going to sleep.”

“That’s ok. I mean tomorrow…”

I thought about it. Max wouldn’t stand for me fucking Cody without him, and he wouldn’t let the young man anywhere near my ass while he was present. But still… even with my asshole as raw as it was, I knew.

I knew I wanted it filled with Cody’s young, hard meat one more time.

I looked back. “Maybe… We’ll see.” I sighed. Who was I kidding? Of course I’d let him fuck my ass again! I just had to figure out how.






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