Margot’s First A2M

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Hi readers,

Last year a friend of mine named Margot had some work done to her house. The project took an extra two weeks, but even though she’s a stickler for punctuality, she didn’t mind about the overrun. I asked her about it for months, but all she did was shrug and smile. Finally, last week, she told me the whole story…

About halfway through the work on my home I was feeling especially thrilled. The two men who were doing the job were a pair of brothers, and they were practical twins. As I would find out later, Peter was a year older than Eric, but they were both young, ripped, and tan. Also, they both worked sans shirt, so I was always stopping for a chat. I said it was because I wanted to supervise, but really I was just getting their bodies down so I could get them right when I spent the night with my vibrator. But the thing is, a fantasy is only as good as its potential…

So, one Friday it started raining. The guys had to stop work. They could either go home, wait in their truck, or spend the storm inside. With me.

“Hey,” I called out from the back door. “You two want to wait out the rain inside?”

Peter looked over at his brother, then me. “Sure, sounds great!”

Eric nodded, and they both came in, just as the rain started to pour.

“Thanks, Mrs. Johns, we really appreciate it,” Peter said.

“Yeah, it’s coming down fierce,” Eric added.

“It’s my pleasure,” I said. “Go on into the living room, and I’ll grab you some coffee. Unless you want something else…”

“A beer works,” Peter said.

“Two beers coming up,” I said, and went into the kitchen as the two walked towards the living room. “Oh, and take off your shoes and socks please.”

“Sure thing!” Eric said.

I grabbed two beers form my fridge, and poured myself a glass of wine. Then I checked myself. White blouse. And black skirt. No shoes. No panties.


I slipped into the living room.

Both boys were on the couch sitting a few inches from each other. Their backs were straight, and they looked not at all comfortable. I strode over to them and passed each one a beer.

“Thanks,” Eric said.

“Yeah, this is great,” Pete said.

“My pleasure, cheers!” we clinked glasses and the two boys drank while I practically chugged my wine. And for the next twenty minutes we chatted, and drank. I got them another round. And then another. Meanwhile, I finished about half a bottle myself. And with my head swimming I stared at their bodies. Each of the boys were young and hard, just like stallions.

But after about thirty minutes Pete said, “Well, I think the rain might be letting up. We should get back to work.” And they both stood up.

“Wait,” I said. “But what about the payment for the beers?”

“Oh, uh…” Eric stammered. “I thought they were free.”

“How much would you like?” Pete asked.

“Money?” I said. “No. I need something a bit more… valuable. I work incredibly hard, and didn’t get a chance to visit my masseuse, so I need each of you to help me a bit. Pete, I need a foot massage, and Eric, the shoulders if you please.”

The boys froze. Then they looked at each other. And then.. Then they set to work.

Pete got down on his knees in front of me and took my right foot in his hands. Immediately, his powerful fingers prodded my sensitive skin. His thumb felt like iron as it kneaded me.

Meanwhile, Eric slipped behind me, between my back and the sofa. He began to rub my shoulders through the white blouse.

“Is that ok?” Eric asked.

“Perfect,” I said.

“You’re sure, we’re not too hard?” Pete said.

“Not yet,” I said. “I’ll let you know…”

I was in heaven! Four young, powerful hands working me from both ends. I leaned back into Eric. His hard cock pressed against my ass. I could feel how thick it was. But I wanted more. So I slipped my hands behind my ass, and began to rub him through his jeans. At the same time, I opened my legs a touch, to let Pete see up my skirt.

He was staring at the foot he worked. But then glanced up. And his eyes got huge. He stared up my skirt like a hungry man looks at cake. After a few seconds, he glanced up at me.

I was all smiles. And I gave him a wink.

He grinned. And said, “I think this foot’s done, you want me to go higher?”

I bit my lower lip. “Yes.” Then I leaned back, and looked up at Eric. He leaned over me, and kissed my mouth. I opened my lips, and our tongues danced. Then he slipped his hands around me, and cupped my breasts.

Below, Pete worked his way up my calves, past my knees. I opened my thighs. And he pushed his face between them. I arched my back, and shifted my hips up. Pete took my pussy in his mouth, and licked my clit as I kissed his brother. With my right hand I grabbed Eric’s hair, and pulled his face into mine. Then, with the left, I got a handful of Pete’s locks, and pulled him into my pussy.

His tongue darted back and forth.

And I slipped off the couch.

“Ouch!” I said.

“You ok?” Pete said.

I cried, “Yes. Don’t stop!”

Pete dove back into my thighs, and continue to lick. Behind me, Eric stood up. He got to his feet, and threw one foot over my body so he straddled me, with his hard dick pushing against his jeans, inches above my face. I looked past it, and into his eyes. He was smiling as he unzipped his pants, and out sprang what looked like nine inches of cock.

I kept grinding my hips into his brother’s mouth and said, “Holy shit…”

“You like?” Eric said.

“Oh, I… Mmmm, fuck that feels good…” Pete was working my clit like a champ.

Eric lowered himself down. I opened my mouth. And he guided his hard cock past my lips. He tasted salty. And smooth. The hard, hot dick was like a pipe, and I swallowed as much as I could. But I didn’t have to do much work. Eric leaned forward, and he shoved another inch into my mouth.

I reached up, but then I realized his thighs were pressed against my upper chest. I couldn’t fit my hands through. And he was going in so deep. Too deep! So I reached through his legs, over his ass, and grabbed both his back pockets. Pulling his body back eased that monster cock out of my mouth. But then my grip slipped, and he stumbled forward, force feeding me even more.

I gagged, but the feeling of his brother’s tongue on my clit was taking my mind of the cock head drilling into the back of my throat. But then Pete straightened up. And over the sounds of sucking I heard him unzip his pants.

Two rough hands grabbed my inner thighs, and shoved them apart. Then his bulbous head pressed against my pussy. In one quick thrust he was all the way into my slit.

I moaned around the hot cock in my mouth. And it slid out, and in. The hard shaft slid all the way down my tongue. Then back out. And all the while it coated my tongue. Meanwhile his brother pulled out of my pussy, then shoved back in.

Both guys were working me from both ends. And they were in rhythm! In and out. My  mouth and twat. It was incredible. My hands were shaking. And my eyes went cross. I could feel over a foot and a half of cock from both ends

But then Eric paused. And tapped his brother’s shoulder. “Hey, let’s get her on her knees.”

Peter looked down at me. “Yeah, for sure!”

Both men slipped out. Peter put his hands under my arms. Eric wrapped his hands around my ass. And in one quick move they flipped me over. I landed on my hands and knees. “Jeezus boys, be gentle!”

“I don’t think you want it gentle,”Eric said and jammed all seven inches into my pussy. Hard! My eyes jumped out of my head. And my jaw fell open. Peter took the opportunity to feed me his meat. All the way to the base. And that’s how they worked me. Tip to base. In and out. From both ends. They pulled out together. And pushed in. Together. Out and in. Out. And in. Like a choreography.

And I savored it! The hard as lead dick in my pussy. And the sweet, smooth cock in my mouth. The friction of them on both my lips. My pussy stretched. My jaw, too. And suddenly my orgasm rose up like a warm wave. I reached back to play with my clit. But it was too late. I came like two trucks colliding. It was like an explosion, shooting from my clit, up my back and down my ass and legs. I shook. I quaked. I moaned. Then I went limp. I didn’t say a thing. I was spent. Unable to do a thing, and held up only by the two cocks sticking in me from both ends.

“Holy shit,” Peter said.

“I know, that was quick,” Eric said.

“What should we do now?”

Eric laughed. Then said, “You know what!”

The two boys pulled out of my pussy and mouth. Eric hugged me from behind. And then lifted me up, passing me to his brother who held me aloft with ease. I was shocked! I’d never been treated so roughly, so easily, before. But I wrapped my arms and legs around Peter, and rested my head on his shoulder.

“I’ve been dying to fuck you,” he said.

I mumbled, “Please do, you fucking stud…”

“What was that?” Peter said.

“I think she’s pretty much out of it,” Eric said.

“I know,” Peter said, and lowered me some so his head pushed against my slit. “She’s talking gibberish. You want to rest, Mrs. Johns?”

I lifted my head up and said, “Just… Just be gentle”

“What she say?” Peter said.

Eric laughed. “She said let’s go already.”

Peter laughed too. And slowly, he lowered me. The head of his cock parted my pussy with ease, and I slide down his pole even easier All the way to the base.

“Oh God!” I cried. “Too much!”

“Hold her still,” Eric said.

“Got it.” Peter tightened his grip on me.

I whimpered, “Oh!”

“Damn right.” Eric said. Then he put something wet and cold on my asshole. It took me a second to realize… it was lube! He was going to fuck my ass while I hung in mid-air, impaled on his brother!

I looked back over my shoulder. Eric was smiling wide. And with his cock head aimed squarely up my back door, he put both hands on my hips. And held me still. I squeezed Peter hard.

While Eric, his brother, slid his cock. All the way up my ass.

“Fuck she’s tight!” Eric cried.

“I know!” Peter added.

Then the boys began to move.

They held me tight, easily holding me high above the floor. They pulled out simoultaneously. And thrust up. No, not thrust. They were lifting me up, and sliding me down. Up and down.

I had my eyes shut tight.All I could do was hang there. And whimper. And moan. “Oh God. Fuck. This is incredible. Don’t stop fucking me. Don’t stop. Fuck.”

“She’s loving it!” Peter said.

“I am!” I said. And I was! I didn’t know what I was feeling. Two cocks in my pussy? Two in my ass? I knew I was being DP’d, but the sensation was confusing. Overwhelming. Amazing. In and out. Two cocks in both holes. And all of a sudden, I had no idea who was where. Was Peter in my ass? Or my pussy? I could barely remember their names…

“Oh shit,” one of them yelled. “I’m going to blow.”

“Fuck, me too,” the other said. “Get her on her knees!”

The pair pulled out of my ass and pussy, and I slid to the floor between them. All I could make out were their muscular thighs. I looked up. The two cocks were ramrod hard. And they were pointed at me. I reached out with both hands for those beautiful dicks, and grabbed them.

I pumped once. Twice. And kept going.

“Oh shit,” whoever was on the left said, “I’m cumming!” And he did. A stream of thick, white cum spat from his dick. It splashed across my cheek, and ran down to my chin. I turned his way, opened my mouth, and sucked the cock in. He sent another blast, as big as before, into my mouth.

“Fuck… Oh fuck!” the man on the right said.

As I swallowed one load, another splashed across my forehead.

Releasing the first cock from my mouth, I sucked in the second. It wasn’t sweet. But acrid. I could taste something earthy. Harsh. I went to pull off. But a hand grabbed my head, and shoved the cock in deeper.

“Fuck, she’s gone ass-to-mouth!”

Another cup of cum shot into my mouth. As more splashed across my nose from the left.

I wrenched my head free, and swallowed that dick. The sweet one. It had to be getting empty. But somehow, unbelievably, even more cum flowed between my lips. It was like trying to swallow a fire hose. I kept drinking, while working the bitter cock with my right hand. And finally, they stopped.

It was over. I slumped down on my knees.

And then Eric, I think it was Eric, said, “I need some more cleanup.”

I looked at the cock in my right hand. A wad of cum was hanging off the tip, and running down the shaft. And it occurred to me he was right, that thing had just been up my ass. But I didn’t care. I just submitted, opened my mouth, and sucked him in. Hot, thick cum covered my tongue. And Eric slipped his meat all the way in.

I cleaned him off as best I could.

Then sat back.

“That… that was fucking incredible,” I said.

“I’ll say, I’ve never seen a woman do that!” Eric said.

“Me neither,” Pete said. “I’m going to want a turn doing that, too.”

I looked up at them with what had to be a full gallon of cum on my face. They were both smiles.

All I could do was nod. And say, “After lunch.”


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