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Out now! If you like graphic, and I mean graphic, sex scenes pick it up or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited! Seriously, this one makes my usual work seem tame. Also, sorry for the radio silence, the reason the posts have been so sparse is because I’ve been finishing this. Expect more of everything this month!!!

Renee’s Cross-Country Threesome (Part 3)

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“You want to what?” my husband, Max, said.

“Come on… Just one more blow job. We’re letting him walk from here, I figure it’s a nice way to send him off.”

Max cocked his eyebrow. “Just head?”

I smiled. “Just head. After a shower.” I motioned to the bathroom door where Cody was waiting. Behind it, the sounds of running water were loud.

Max looked over. “I don’t know…”

“Come on, remember that weekend I let you spend with my friend Tara?”

He smiled. “Yeah. Fair enough.”

I kissed his cheek. “Ok. You bring the suitcases out to our car, pay the bill, and wait. I’ll be out in ten minutes. Fifteen tops.”

“Fifteen?” Max said.

“Fifteen. I promise.”

“Ok. But any more and I get to join in.”

“Done!” I threw my arms around my husband, gave him a big kiss, and ran into the bathroom.

Cody was standing there. Next to the hot, running shower. His hair was wet, but the rest of him was dry. “You ready?” he said.

“You have fifteen minutes,” I said.

“Then assume the position.” Continue reading “Renee’s Cross-Country Threesome (Part 3)”

Margot’s First A2M

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Hi readers,

Last year a friend of mine named Margot had some work done to her house. The project took an extra two weeks, but even though she’s a stickler for punctuality, she didn’t mind about the overrun. I asked her about it for months, but all she did was shrug and smile. Finally, last week, she told me the whole story…

About halfway through the work on my home I was feeling especially thrilled. The two men who were doing the job were a pair of brothers, and they were practical twins. As I would find out later, Peter was a year older than Eric, but they were both young, ripped, and tan. Also, they both worked sans shirt, so I was always stopping for a chat. I said it was because I wanted to supervise, but really I was just getting their bodies down so I could get them right when I spent the night with my vibrator. But the thing is, a fantasy is only as good as its potential…

So, one Friday it started raining. The guys had to stop work. They could either go home, wait in their truck, or spend the storm inside. With me.

“Hey,” I called out from the back door. “You two want to wait out the rain inside?”

Peter looked over at his brother, then me. “Sure, sounds great!”

Eric nodded, and they both came in, just as the rain started to pour.

“Thanks, Mrs. Johns, we really appreciate it,” Peter said.

“Yeah, it’s coming down fierce,” Eric added.

“It’s my pleasure,” I said. “Go on into the living room, and I’ll grab you some coffee. Unless you want something else…” Continue reading “Margot’s First A2M”

Banging the Boss’s Wife

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Hey Marina,

Enclosed is the story about last year’s termination, and my revenge… Hope you enjoy!

“Sorry,” my boss said, “but we had to make some cuts, and your job was one of them. You’re a good guy, John. You’ll find new work.”

I couldn’t believe it. My boss had just fired me. Right in the middle of our holiday party. All around me, well-dressed people were laughing, drinking, and having a good time.

“Isn’t there anything I can do?” I said. I’d just bought my first tailored suit. I didn’t think I’d be wearing it when I got canned!

“Sorry,” he said. “But I’ll write you a good recommendation. Anyway, try and enjoy the party.” And with that, he ducked back into the throng of my coworkers.

I mean, former coworkers.

I was standing there numb, my mind scrambling around what I was going to do. And I made decision right there: I was getting drunk.

So I walked over to the bar. “Double tequila. No, triple.”

The bartender pulled a sort of face, but he poured the yellow liquid into a glass and slid it over.

I shot it one gulp. “Another.”

“Slow down,” a woman to my left said. “It’s going to be a long night.”

I barked, “It already is, so why don’t you…” but then I looked over and saw her, so I shut up.

The woman was incredible. She had long, red hair, a figure that would make an eight stand up and gawk, and she wore a black dress so tight that may need to be cut off her. “Why don’t I what?” she Keep Reading!