Margot’s First A2M

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Hi readers,

Last year a friend of mine named Margot had some work done to her house. The project took an extra two weeks, but even though she’s a stickler for punctuality, she didn’t mind about the overrun. I asked her about it for months, but all she did was shrug and smile. Finally, last week, she told me the whole story…

About halfway through the work on my home I was feeling especially thrilled. The two men who were doing the job were a pair of brothers, and they were practical twins. As I would find out later, Peter was a year older than Eric, but they were both young, ripped, and tan. Also, they both worked sans shirt, so I was always stopping for a chat. I said it was because I wanted to supervise, but really I was just getting their bodies down so I could get them right when I spent the night with my vibrator. But the thing is, a fantasy is only as good as its potential…

So, one Friday it started raining. The guys had to stop work. They could either go home, wait in their truck, or spend the storm inside. With me.

“Hey,” I called out from the back door. “You two want to wait out the rain inside?”

Peter looked over at his brother, then me. “Sure, sounds great!”

Eric nodded, and they both came in, just as the rain started to pour.

“Thanks, Mrs. Johns, we really appreciate it,” Peter said.

“Yeah, it’s coming down fierce,” Eric added.

“It’s my pleasure,” I said. “Go on into the living room, and I’ll grab you some coffee. Unless you want something else…” Continue reading “Margot’s First A2M”

Blowing the Boss’s Husband

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“Pardon me, but your wife’s an asshole.” If I hadn’t been so angry I wouldn’t have said it. My boss, Mrs. Lang, had just sent me out to get a bottle of wine for her dinner party which was not in my job description. And not something I wanted to do at five o’clock on a friday.

“It’s not her fault your car died,” Peter said. He was crazy handsome. Tall and athletic with wide shoulders a square jaw, and full head of brown hair. We were in his black BMW, driving back towards the office.

“It’s her fault I wasn’t on my way home when it did.”

He laughed. “Yeah. I suppose. What were you doing this far out of town, anyway?”

“Getting wine for your dinner party. But even this store didn’t have any. Shit. Mrs. Lang’s going to kill me.

Peter laughed again. “Don’t worry. I actually have a few bottles of that vintage in my office. I’ll go grab them, and tell her it was you.”

I grabbed his arm. “Thanks so much, I actually really need this job.” Continue reading “Blowing the Boss’s Husband”