Free Book Willing (no kidding-no catch)


Free book! Contact me at marinabluexoxo (at) outlook (dot) com and put “Free Book” in the subject, and I’ll send you a free e-copy of Willing. And nothing else will happen. No mailing lists, no nothing. I’m just looking for readers (and maybe a review, but that’s not a deal breaker)!

A billionaire’s daughter. Two hard bodied, cocky as hell, alpha bad boys. One major mistake. Talia Breitling’s about to find out just how dangerous a single night of doubles can be!
When I finally got promoted to president of my family’s company, I just had to find someone to celebrate with. Normally, I go for smart guys. Quiet. Kind. I’ve never been the type to go for the hard bodied bad boys. But when two former college football players, all muscled and tattooed, arrive at my party, I just can’t help myself.

I know it’s a bad idea to take them to bed.
But it gets even worse for me when I find out they work for my company.
Then when you add in our missing sex tape, and a mystery blackmailer, things fall apart even faster!

Now everything I’ve ever worked for is in danger of imploding, and I’m going to need my alpha bad boys to stop taking me from behind, and start having my back. Fortunately for me, they’re the type of men who protect what’s theirs…

Still though…
One’s got me bent over a barrel.
The other’s got me on my knees.

It’s kind of hard to do what I have to, when I’m getting it from both ends. Fortunately, my blackmailer has no idea what I’m willing to do, or how far I’m willing to go, to win.