Graduation Day

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“I can’t believe I graduated!” My student, former student, Nissa, was beaming. Mostly from the alcohol, partly from the graduation. “And thanks to your letter of recommendation I’ll be attending Uni in the fall!” Like most of her fellow students she was celebrating the last days of school. Graduation was still a ways off. But that was just a formality. She was a full fledge adult now, by Singapore standards at least.

She was a Malay by birth, which meant she had naturally dark skin, thick black hair, and soft curves that would make any man notice, all accentuated by a tiny skirt and tight top. But she also had slightly almond eyes, the kind accentuated with smoky makeup, giving her the look of a woman who just blossomed.

“Congratulations,” I said. “I told you it would happen.”

“I know.” She mulled about some, and looked at her feet. “But still, I wasn’t sure.”

“I was. You did incredible this semester.”

“Thanks, your extra attention really helped. As did all of those quiz retakes you let me have.”

“Nah,” I said. It was no big deal.”

She grabbed my arm. “No! Getting a retake is rare. Here, let me buy you a beer.”

“Oh,” I said, “I really shouldn’t. I feel strange drinking with students.”

“Then let’s head back to your apartment.” Continue reading “Graduation Day”