Willing: MFM Novel-Out Now!


Out now! If you like graphic, and I mean graphic, sex scenes pick it up or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited! Seriously, this one makes my usual work seem tame. Also, sorry for the radio silence, the reason the posts have been so sparse is because I’ve been finishing this. Expect more of everything this month!!!

Blowing the Boss’s Husband

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“Pardon me, but your wife’s an asshole.” If I hadn’t been so angry I wouldn’t have said it. My boss, Mrs. Lang, had just sent me out to get a bottle of wine for her dinner party which was not in my job description. And not something I wanted to do at five o’clock on a friday.

“It’s not her fault your car died,” Peter said. He was crazy handsome. Tall and athletic with wide shoulders a square jaw, and full head of brown hair. We were in his black BMW, driving back towards the office.

“It’s her fault I wasn’t on my way home when it did.”

He laughed. “Yeah. I suppose. What were you doing this far out of town, anyway?”

“Getting wine for your dinner party. But even this store didn’t have any. Shit. Mrs. Lang’s going to kill me.

Peter laughed again. “Don’t worry. I actually have a few bottles of that vintage in my office. I’ll go grab them, and tell her it was you.”

I grabbed his arm. “Thanks so much, I actually really need this job.” Continue reading “Blowing the Boss’s Husband”