Banging the Boss’s Wife

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Hey Marina,

Enclosed is the story about last year’s termination, and my revenge… Hope you enjoy!

“Sorry,” my boss said, “but we had to make some cuts, and your job was one of them. You’re a good guy, John. You’ll find new work.”

I couldn’t believe it. My boss had just fired me. Right in the middle of our holiday party. All around me, well-dressed people were laughing, drinking, and having a good time.

“Isn’t there anything I can do?” I said. I’d just bought my first tailored suit. I didn’t think I’d be wearing it when I got canned!

“Sorry,” he said. “But I’ll write you a good recommendation. Anyway, try and enjoy the party.” And with that, he ducked back into the throng of my coworkers.

I mean, former coworkers.

I was standing there numb, my mind scrambling around what I was going to do. And I made decision right there: I was getting drunk.

So I walked over to the bar. “Double tequila. No, triple.”

The bartender pulled a sort of face, but he poured the yellow liquid into a glass and slid it over.

I shot it one gulp. “Another.”

“Slow down,” a woman to my left said. “It’s going to be a long night.”

I barked, “It already is, so why don’t you…” but then I looked over and saw her, so I shut up.

The woman was incredible. She had long, red hair, a figure that would make an eight stand up and gawk, and she wore a black dress so tight that may need to be cut off her. “Why don’t I what?” she Keep Reading!

Renee’s Cross-Country Threesome (part 1)

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I love a girl that can handle stick…

Hi Marina,

Here’s that story I told you about. It was last year. My husband Max and I were in Arizona, driving cross-country, when we passed by a hitchhiker on the side of the road. He looked like a younger version of Max. He was tall, lean, with blond hair and a nice body. And I (being me) had some wicked thoughts.

So I leaned over, and whispered in my husband’s ear, “Why don’t you pull over and we can give that guy a lift?”

“A lift?” Max said. “Or road head?” Keep Reading!

First Cruise

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It was one week into my first cruise, and my husband Tom and I decided to enjoy a late night soak in the hot tub. I’d had about two hurricanes and my head was buzzing. It felt heavenly.

As we got into the water Tom said, “You look hot.”

He was right. I have round hips, a small waist, and large C cup breasts that point straight up. I pushed my long, black hair over my shoulders, and said, “Thanks.”

“It’s a shame, though. It’s too dark now to enjoy the view, and the bubbles hide everything.”

I looked down. He was right. “True. But you can see it all later.”

“I saw earlier. And so did everyone at the pool. Do you know there wasn’t a man who wasn’t staring at you?”

“They could stare all they wanted, now. And not see anything we’re doing.” I snuggled up next to him. And slipped my hand inside his shorts. Keep Reading!